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Bubble Bus

The Bubble Bus: Where versatility meets sophistication. With four taps capable of cooling any beverage to perfection, our rustic design marries charm with functionality. Compact enough to seamlessly fit any space, our chic setup brings an air of sophistication to every event. Elevate your experience with the unique blend of rustic allure and modern coolness that defines The Bubble Bus Co.

Bubble Bus Stats

  • How many taps

    • 4 Chilling Taps

  • Size (width, height, depth)?

    • 4.5 feet wide, 10ft long and 6.5ft tall 

  • Serves how many people?

    • Unlimited! It just depends on how many kegs you have ready to go!

Bus Wall Add-On

You can select one wall add-on for your event:​

  • Pretzel wall

    • Introducing our Pretzel Wall: a savory addition to the back of our Bubble Bus. Freshly baked, it adds a warm and inviting touch to your mobile bar experience. Perfect for weddings, corporate events, or any celebration. Elevate your event with the irresistible combination of bubbles, beer and pretzels!

  • Doughnut Wall 

    • "Enhance your Bubble Bus experience with our Doughnut Wall: a sweet addition to your celebration. Freshly glazed and irresistibly aromatic, perfect for weddings, corporate events, or any gathering. A delightful touch for every occasion!

  • Escort Wall (Candy wall, seating chart, etc)

    • Presenting our versatile Display Wall—a dynamic addition for showcasing candy, seating charts, and more. Customize it to suit your event's needs, adding a sweet touch or guiding guests seamlessly. Whether it's a candy wonderland or an organized seating arrangement, our Display Wall transforms to match your vision. A perfect blend of style and functionality!

  • Photo Booth 

    • Behold the whimsical fusion of fun and celebration! The Bubble Bus transforms into a captivating Photo Booth—capturing precious moments, turning memories into keepsakes. Let the laughter unfold, and the snapshots tell your unique story!

Stand Alone Prosecco Wall Add-On

Crafted for distinction, our Prosecco Wall stands as a symbol of refined taste. An exquisite display of carefully selected prosecco glasses, it radiates sophistication at weddings, corporate soirées, and special affairs. Elevate your event with the epitome of elegance—a Prosecco Wall that transcends the ordinary, offering a touch of luxury to those with a discerning palate.

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