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Are drinks part of the deal with your rentals?

You bet! Depending on what unit you are renting, beverages are included in the rentals that steer clear of the alcohol zone!

Does it include booze? If not, how much booze do they need/should buy?

In BC, liquor laws mandate that alcohol must be procured by the host of the event or through an existing liquor license. The Bubble Bus Co does not possess a liquor license; however, we are pleased to provide a comprehensive beverage service. This service encompasses consultation, ordering on behalf of the client, pickup, pre-chilling, ensuring timely delivery to your event, and facilitating the return process thereafter.

What kind of permits are required?

In certain situations, you may need to obtain a Special Event Permit.

We're more than happy to assist you with this process, but we advise visiting the local Municipality where your event will take place for precise requirements. If we are planning your whole event, we can facilitate the permit for you.

Do you provide Taptenders/Bartenders?

Yes, all our units are equipped with Certified talented Taptenders/bartenders. We also provide bartending services even if you choose not to rent our units

Do you provide glassware?

We offer disposable cups, straws, and napkins as part of our rental packages. However, if you prefer glassware, we are delighted to source elegant options from our trusted vendors.

Can you service non-alcoholic beverages?

yes, Certainly! We customize non-alcoholic beverages based on your flavor preferences

Can we rent our units with our own bartenders?

No, all our units come with our skilled taptenders. The collaboration with other vendors may vary.

How far will you travel and where are you based out of?

Based in Langford, BC, we primarily serve Sooke, Sidney, Metchosin, and Greater Victoria, with island-wide service available for an extra fee and may be subject to out-of town fees. 


For events outside our usual area, please inquire. Early bookings help us better accommodate your needs.

What do your units require for setup and can all your units go inside?

Yes, all our units can go indoors and require space needed is:

  • Bubble Bus

    • 10' deep x 10' wide x 8' high

  • Ice Cream Truck

    • 10' deep x 10' wide x 8' high

  • Tap Carts

    • 27"x 41"

  • Portable Bar

    • 48”tall x 30” deep

All units need 110V, 15 amp, 3 prong outlets and level ground.

How much does your service cost?

Our pricing structure is straightforward: we charge for bartenders, a rental fee for the bar, and a flat rate per person, which covers all additional amenities such as glassware, cocktail ice, non-alcoholic ingredients, and more.

If you do not see your questions answered above, please do not hesitate to reach and ask.

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