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Tap Carts

Explore our Tap Carts—available in White or Rustic finishes, tailored to your style. Choose from configurations with 1 or 2 cooling taps. Perfect for garden events, indoor gatherings, beverage station and versatile enough to complement any setting. Elevate your beverage service with these chic and functional Tap Carts, enhancing the ambiance of every occasion.

White Sleek Tap Cart

A stunning addition to any outdoor, garden, or special event. This package offers a perfect blend of elegance and functionality, featuring cold taps, SIR certified taptenders, beverage consultation, eye-catching signage, and a charming umbrella for added flair.

Beyond its role as a sipping tap cart, this versatile beauty can transform into a Kombucha bar, Italian soda station, or even a hot chocolate or hot apple cider station while adding a touch of sophistication to a variety of beverage experiences. Elevate your event with the versatility and style of our sleek white tap cart.

Rustic Wooden Tap Cart

An exquisite addition to outdoor, garden, or special events. This package encompasses cold tap(s), a certified taptender, charming signage, and a stylish umbrella.

Beyond its role as a sipping taps cart, this versatile addition can transform into a kombucha bar, Italian soda station, or a hot chocolate station, adding a touch of rustic charm to a variety of beverage experiences.

Tap Cart Stats

  • How may taps?

    • 1 or 2

  • Size (width, height, depth)?

    • 27”x41”

  • Serves how many people?

    • Depends on how many kegs you have ready to go.

  • Does it include alcohol? If not, how much booze do they need/should buy?

    • No and we offer free consultation to make sure you have the correct amount of alcohol

  • Do you recommend Taptenders/Bartenders?

    • all units come with

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