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Portable Bar

A sophisticated solution for all your beverage needs. Our comprehensive package includes a range of services:

  • Consultation: We offer personalized consultations to tailor the bar experience to your event.

  • Alcohol Guidance & Ordering: Our experts guide you through selecting the perfect alcohol options, ensuring a well-stocked and diverse bar.

  • Certified Bartenders: Trained and certified professionals are guaranteed to serve your guests expertly.

  • Bar Tools: Our portable bar comes fully equipped with all the essential tools for crafting top-notch cocktails.

  • EVERYTHING but the Alcohol: Your worry ends here! Our package includes unlimited mixes, ice, and garnishes, ensuring a seamless and well-stocked bar experience.

Elevate your event with our Portable Bar—a hassle-free memorable beverage service.

Portable Bar Stats

  • How many taps? 

    • Up to 2 taps

  • Size (width, height, depth)?

    • 48” tall x 30”deep

  • Serves how many people?

    • Unlimited! It just depends on how many kegs you have ready to go!

  • Do you recommend Taptenders/Bartenders?

    • All our units come with taptenders.

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